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Legislation News, Updated 5/3/13  (Scroll Down for Latest Alerts)

12/12/11 Action Alert: Now is the Time to Call Attorney Gen. Holder Out!


The Justice Dept. and Attorney Gen. Eric Holder have been extremely slow in providing a thorough account about the disastrous covert operation, "Fast and Furious". The ATF knowingly allowed more than 2,000 guns to be purchased by "straw" buyers and allowed these weapons to "walk" over the Mexican border into the hands of drug lords in a half baked plan to build a criminal case against the drug cartels. The ATF lost track of these guns with two of them turning up at the murder scene of a U.S. border patrol agent. Now CBS News has found evidence that the Justice Dept. had plans to use the ensuing surge in violence in Mexico with American bought guns as reason to call for more gun control in the U.S. Read  the Following articles; "Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations" by Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News, http://www.cbsnews.com/2102-31727_162-57338546.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody , from Chicago Tribune, 10/3/11 "Emails show top Justice Dept. officials knew or ATF gun program" by Richard Serrano, www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/la-na-atf-guns-20111004,0,5971873.story

Contact Senetors Durbin and Kirk Now and demand that the investigation int "Fast and Furious be expedited and all facts be laid out to the American people as well as who approved such a horrendous plan.


Action Alert: Health and Human Services Issues New Rule Violating Concience Rights of All Americans

HHS Sec. Sebelius has issued a rule mandating that all health insurance plans shall fully cover, at no cost to the patient "all FDA approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacty." FDA approved "emergency contraception" pills, which can cause abortion, will also be covered. You will be required to pay for these "services" through higher private insurance premiums and higher taxes for those on public aid wether you want them or not. This is how socialized medicine works through the cost shifting to all the wants of the minority without regard for the beliefs of the individual. The Federal Govt. has never before required that such coverage be purchased by individuals or employers. The public comment period on this new rule ends Sept. 30th, so it is important to call Sec. Sebelius' office at 202-690-7000 ASAP in order to register your concerns. This is just the beginning of the imposing of the heavy hand of government through "Obamacare".In order for Democrats to push through "Obamacare", Pres. Obama issued an executive order ostensibly protecting religious freedoms and rights of conscience if there should be a moral conflict with any of the provisions of the new healthcare law. Turns out the order is so narrowly written that nearly no one is covered by it. The exemption covers only a "religious employer" that has the "inculcation of religious values" as it's primary purpose, primarily employs and serves persons who share it's religious tenets, and is a church organization under the two narrow provisions of the tax code. Individuals and religiously affiliated organizations, i.e. hospitals, universties and charities do not qualify for an exemption. This affront to our First Amendment Rights and rights of conscience can not be allowed to stand.


Action Alert: "Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act" HB110 and SB110

Please call and e-mail each of our state senators and representatives serving portions of Wauconda Township and tell them to vote NO on SB110 and HB110, both dubiously entitled “The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act”. Votes by state senators, Duffy, Althoff and Bush are expected on Thursday, 2/14 with state representatives McSweeney, Wheeler and Yingling voting the following week, so time is short. Just 2 years ago this matter was already dealt with through passage of a civil unions law in 2011 which included full recognition under Illinois statute of these same sex relationships. The push for “gay marriage” is redundant and unnecessarily provocative. Marriage has a definitive meaning based on the procreative abilities of a man and a woman and has held unique status in cultures for thousands of years. We need not stand by idly while obdurate politicians force upon all Illinoisans a redefinition of marriage. Even Pres. Obama was against “same sex marriage” until as recently as April, 2012. This is a dramatic societal change that deserves full discussion about it’s impact on commerce and business rules, education, religious expression and rights of free speech. Go to http://illinoisfamily.org/marriage/senate-committee-overides-illinois-history/ 


Action Watch:  HB 2675, "IL. Comprehensive Sex Education Act" has passed the Illinois house and is now moving on to the state senate. The Illinois Family Institute has issued an alert for all Illinoisians who are concerned over the moral direction of public school curriculum. Please note the following and contact  State Senators Melinda Bush, Pam Althoff and Dan Duffy ASAP and tell them to vote No! 

I E-Alert: Sex Education Bill Pending Vote in Veto Session

by David E. Smith, IFI Executive Director -Illinois Family Institute


One of the bills that we are working against is HB 2675, a bill being promoted by the ACLU of Illinois. This unnecessary and ill-conceived proposal mandates that every public school which teaches sex education in grades 6-12 must teach "comprehensive" sex education.

Contraception-centered sex-education curricula encourage children and youth into early sexual experimentation. They mislead youth by teaching them that condoms will provide sufficient protection from the physical, emotional and social consequences of early sexual activity. (
Click HERE to learn more about what comprehensive sexperts from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) believe your children should know.)

Abstinence-emphasis curricula already address condom use for protection against sexually transmitted infections, and research suggests such curricula are more effective in educating students on STDs than are comprehensive sex ed curricula.

In addition, typical comprehensive sex ed curricula include homosexuality-affirming ideas, usually without information on the serious health risks of homosexual practices.

Take ACTION: Please
click HERE to send an email or a fax to your state senator about this anti-family bill. This bill has passed in the Illinois House and will now move on to the state senate at any time during this current session! Ask him/her to vote "NO" on HB 2675.



"Medical" Marijuana Bill, HB 1, Back in Springfield 

So with Illinois' finances and economic future completely going to POT our state, representatives have decided the most important thing we can do is get "buzzed". Springfield refuses to get it's priorities straight. The Illinois Family Institute has a thorough analysis on this bill, HB 1 at www.illinoisfamily.org  This bill has passed out of the Human Services Committee by a 11-4 vote with 2 Republicans voting in favor, JoAnn Osmond (Gurnee) and John Cabello (Loves Park). This bill would send a message to young people that there's "health Value" in smoking pot as if we need young people to indulge in more at risk behaviors. Also, is there not the health down side of second hand smoke as widely established by tobbaco smoking awareness campaigns? Most importantly, is not smoking pot a wrecklessly sloppy way of delivering a prescribed dose of THC or whatever is in marijuana that makes it "medicine"? Is there not a likelyhood of people in close proximity to the inbibing patient to also recieve some of the effects of this drug? Can it not be administered in pill or aerosal form as is done for athsmatics? This bill is a solutiom for a nonexistent problem. It is merely a "camels nose under the tent" tactic on the path to the acceptance of recreational use of marijuana. Unfotunately HB 1 has passed the Ill. house and now goes to the senate. Call Wauconda Area senators Bush (31) Althoff(32) and Duffy(26)  and urge them to vote NO on HB1.

5/3/13  HB 1243 Parentage Act of 2013

Redifines the definition a parent to tnclude multiple individuals as adjudicated by the courts including those who have assisted in reproduction.The act changes "domestic partnership" to "substantially similar legal relationship" and changes "paternity" to"parentage". Frankly this sounds like a lawers dream and seems to only confound the rights of children to have any knowledge of their actual mother and father. Call Reps. Yingling, McSweeney and Wheeler and tell them to vote No on Hb 1243.

5/3/13  HB 997 Concealed Carry of a Firearm

Democrats are pushing a “may issue” (you must prove a need to protect yourself) concealed carry law in Illinois. Right to carry is most effective if it is a “shall issue”  mandate rather than “may issue” which is subject to the whims of the local municipality and law enforcement and dependent upon having to prove the need for self-defense before one is attacked. Also, there should not be any carve-outs for Chicago or Cook County as this would be difficult to enforce since many towns straddle both Cook and another county. This law must be uniformly applied throughout the entire state. Call your state senators Bush, Duffy, and Althoff and state reps. Yingling, McSweeney, and Wheeler and ask them to support HB997, a "shall issue" bill with limited restrictions. Go to www.IllinoisCarry.com  and www.isra.org for more details.