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The purpose and objectives for the Wauconda Township Republican Club is to promote Republican political philosophy by educating the public and promoting or supporting the election of Republican candidates to public office.  Republican political philosophy shall not be defined as the position on any one issue, although it is the consensus of the founding members that Republican political philosophy consists of the following beliefs:


  1. Limitations on Government size and power that complies with the United States Constitution and the original intent of the founding fathers of the United States of America.
  2. No growth of existing tax rates (and the reduced introduction of new tax levies) that are imposed upon society.
  3. Adopting Pro-family, Traditional Marriage (between one man and one woman).  Pro-life (policies on abortion) and Anti-Euthanasia (with regard to the control and timing of death).
  4. Support for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution: the right of a law-a-biding citizen to keep and maintain firearms shall not be infringed.
  5. The right to, and protection of, land ownership by private citizens, to be free from unnecessary and/or overreaching seizure and regulation by local, state or federal government.
  6. Support for the National and State Republican Party Platform.
  7. Support for all branches of the United States Military, Department of Homeland Security, and Intelligence Community for the protection of the health and safety of the public.
  8. The highest priorities in life should be belief in God first, the traditional family, and the United States of America.